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Play as a mystic, who has been invited to aid a village that's been mysteriously suffering attacks from demonic beasts. Find and awaken guardians at their statues using their respective talismans (which can be found in the archive), and guide them (with a lure) to the demonic beasts they can pacify; in order to save the village from their wrath. Discover the hidden tale behind these attacks along the way.

Find the candle talisman in the archive, and take it to the statue to awaken the guardian. Then, find the lure object in the village, and use it to guide the guardian through the obstacle course; leading them to the cave, where a demonic beast dwells.

You can collect qi and expel it to jump in the air (you can jump up to four times consecutively) and glide.

Each action using qi requires 3 qi particles (these are small, floating objects).

Controls: WASD - move (hold Left Shift whilst on the ground to run) Space - jump (hold Left Shift whilst in the air to glide) E - pick up/drop object R - throw object (throwable objects are purple) Esc - exit game, Tab - open/close bestiary.

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